The world of Rattoria is populated by a countless horde of rats. Despite - or because of it - their endless pursuit to fill their bellies with food, delicious food, the ratkin has managed to build a medieval civilization. This, in turn, has given them even more food - and even greater numbers of rats.

In the world of Rattoria, he who controls the food controls the kingdoms. This is why ratkin leaders are called War Chefs, signaling their abilities to both feed the rats and lead them to war. 

Because of their deep, primeval hunger, the main deity of the ratkin pantheon is also the goddess of food - Rattapurna. The most sacred relic of the goddess is the Golden Cauldron, an artifact that spawns whatever food one wishes for, in whatever quantities one wishes for.

During a conclave of the War Chefs, a priestess of Rattapurna announced that the goddess sent her a vision of the Golden Cauldron's location. It is buried deep under Mount Ratarat, a mountain range to the far north. War Chefs exchanged quick looks then scurried to assemble their armies and march northwards. With such a relic in their possession, any War Chef could become the divine king of all rats.

The fragile peace has been broken.

Programming: jabu

Writing: SilkForCalde (

Art: Fantazmo (

Music/SFX: Mordi (

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Your game is really awesome top-level on all fronts!

Finally made it to the end! Figured I could use the power-up that makes you weaker in the next battle since there's no next battle aha

Dialogue is funny, I like how the enemy mice keep skipping the guards. I definitely thought the advisor was going to stage a coup at some point.