For Bevy Jam #1 (Theme: Unfair Advantage)

Play against the worst board game opponent in the world in this Mario Party inspired board game as he rigs the game against you.

The original game was very hard to beat (who would have thought), so the game has been balanced severely in the player's favor to accommodate the casual game jam passerby. Beat the game to unlock hard mode where you can revert the game to its pre-nerf difficulty.

The code is open source in spirit of the competition but by no means a contender for Cleanest Bevy Code. I gamejam'd this sucker hard.

Music/sfx/logo by my good friend:

Theme interpretation: I had the idea of making an asymmetrical board game, where initially one player had a clear advantage, but overtime the other player could overcome that advantage by exploiting it somehow. The logistics of making that work seemed too hard to do quickly so I pivoted to "Mario Party but your opponent cheats." Seemed easy to do, just make the AI have some clear advantage in the mini games, always have good rolls, and maybe have a trump card up his sleeve.

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Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

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This was awesome

This is actually a pretty neat game, thank you


I had a great time even though i lost xD


That was fun! :D 

(1 edit) (+1)

That was fun! It reminds me of NES times when you could get 100 games in 1 and play one by one like in your game. Absorbing and ingenious narrative.


Excellent ! All the games are well designed and the dialogue is quite funny :)