Combine the magical instruments and become the Pirate King

Made for Bevy Jam #2

Programming and art done by jabu and friends, with help from:

Music/Logo/Art: Mordi (

Writing: SilkForCalde (

Voice Acting: John Archer II (

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Cool game! Great job. Like the loading indicator. Is it custom made or did you grab it from somewhere? (Seems hard to find resources about loading indicators for rust/bevy. Any tips?)

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Great job. I've played it for an hour lol. Kinda addicting.

Edit: I'm glad you included the greatest: DIO!

I played this and it was fun !!

Hey there!

I gave your game a play and I really liked it. I run a Youtube channel called "The Backstory" where we interview indie game developers to hear their stories of game development behind the scenes. We ask questions about what kind of success's and failures you came across and delve into why you've made certain decisions. I would love to have you as a guest sometime. Would you like to come on the show? You can find the channel here:

We normally record for about an hour but the time we do it is flexible. Nothing is live and we edit out any silence and flubs so there's nothing to worry about.

If you're interested, send me a DM, comment back, or follow any of the links in each video's description and I'll get right back to you!